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    ***FACT: AMERICAN GIRL, BITTY BABY and BABY BORN DOLLS are considered the SAME SIZE DOLL! The difference is in the length of their LEGS--So PANTS for Girl dolls will be TOO LONG for Bitty because her legs are too short (BUT BABY BORN has longer legs). MAXI DRESSES will mostly be too long. The FOOT DIFFERENCE is very small so most people BUY SHOES THAT WILL ALSO FIT THE GIRL DOLL their daughter will add later on. Shoes identified for Bitty Baby-only WILL NOT fit the 18 inch Girl Dolls!***
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Doll Clothes for 18 inch Boy Dolls--

The new thing in doll play, long-awaited and much asked for, is boy dolls. Lovvbugg is happy to help you find appropriate clothing for your 9-year-old boy character, which is the age of the dolls when they are presented from American Girl.

Whether the occasion is formal, going to school, bedtime or just playing in the creek next door, your boy doll will be able to join in the fun! Check back often because this new category is always expanding!