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***The American Girl doll's foot is very, very slightly larger than Bitty Baby's foot.
You can buy the girl doll shoes for the baby but you cannot buy baby shoes for the girls.***
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18 inch American Girl Doll and Baby Sports and Dance Shoes

From basketball to ballet, children thrive when they have active hobbies. Now, your child’s doll can join in on active playtime with our assortment of athletic sneakers for 18” dolls! From doll ice skates to doll soccer cleats, we have the ideal shoe to fit any extracurricular activity. Our sports and dance shoes are special. We have received many, many positive reviews from our customers because our doll shoes are so realistic and so darn cute, too!

If dancing is more of a passion, be sure to order doll ballet slippers with long ribbons for the ties or opt for a pair that simply slides on. From doll tap shoes to doll dance shoes, you’ll be able to find the finishing touch to her doll’s dance recital outfit. She’s going to lovv it!
Remember: the American Girl foot is very slightly larger than the Bitty Baby foot, so you can buy AG-sized doll shoes for Bitty Baby but not Baby shoes for the American Girl.