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    ***FACT: AMERICAN GIRL, BITTY BABY and BABY BORN DOLLS are considered the SAME SIZE DOLL! The difference is in the length of their LEGS--So PANTS for Girl dolls will be TOO LONG for Bitty because her legs are too short (BUT BABY BORN has longer legs). MAXI DRESSES will mostly be too long. The FOOT DIFFERENCE is very small so most people BUY SHOES THAT WILL ALSO FIT THE GIRL DOLL their daughter will add later on. Shoes identified for Bitty Baby-only WILL NOT fit the 18 inch Girl Dolls!***
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Lovvbugg School Uniforms for American Girl Dolls

At Lovvbugg, we’re all about giving you the best and most affordable options when it comes to doll clothing and accessories. If you’re looking for 18-inch-doll school uniforms that fit perfectly, you’ve come to the right place! If your child attends prep school, she’ll most likely want her doll to match. You can shop for plaid skirts, jumpers and polos to complete a realistic school uniform to perfectly coordinate outfits. Our product inventory also includes Brownie, Daisy and Girl Scout doll uniforms. Your American Girl doll will be ready for school and extracurricular activities with our adorable outfits. Complete the look with our doll shoe and school supply offerings. With our affordable options, you’re able to buy more! Why wait? Shop today!

Items are not official Mattel/American Girl brand unless otherwise stated.