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Musical Instruments for Dolls

If your child has a passion for music, more than likely, she’ll want her American Girl doll to partake in her favorite hobby. Luckily, at Lovvbugg we carry a wide range of doll musical instruments! Our assortment gives playtime some musical flair as children pretend to put on a concert with their dolls. Each one of our instruments is constructed with exquisite detail, which makes the doll's world even more realistic.

Mini instruments for 16 and 18-inch dolls are hard to find. However, we’ve curated a unique collection that includes trumpets, guitars, violins, woodwinds and more. Treat your child with musical instruments for dolls because to help inspire her to learn to play an instrument in the future. These American Girl toy instruments don't really play music, but they have functional elements that create realistic playtime. She can pretend to "tune" the bass and gently pluck the metal strings. Jazzing up playtime just got a bit more fun with doll-size instruments! She’s going to lovv it!