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What Doll Play Is All About


Anna Claire's Lovvbugg Dollhouse was not always such a perfect setting. Sometimes it was so full of dolls and their possessions that the adult in me saw nothing but a mess! But the kid in me understood how children act out all kinds of life situations thru doll play. It is a great way for girls (and sometimes boys) to learn to care for others, to plan, and to be "the adult." After all, each person will grow up and be an adult for most of her life.

The American Girl dolls have brought doll play back. In the 1960's and 1970's doll play got a bad rap. It was as if being a girl was wrong! Three imaginary girls: Samantha, Kirsten (be sure to say "keersten") and Molly took care of that. Suddenly doll play was O.K. if it taught history at the same time. So little girls were once again allowed to enjoy their dolls. Mothers became emotionally involved with the line because the settings and clothing were so cool.

Doll play for adults is different than it is for children. It is more about collecting miniatures, like train play is for men. In my business I sell items to create a wonderful doll world.

A word of caution here: Be sure to allow your little girl to play with her dolls her way, not your way! I have seen too many little girls who are afraid to actually play with their dolls and miniatures because they don't want to break something and upset Mother. We adults should supply the items for creative play and then let 'em go. Someday much too soon you, too, will be able to put the pieces back together and take a beautiful picture like I took of Anna Claire's living room--and add a few of your own finishing touches as I did. She is in college now and helps with 'our' business. (I am so proud of the caring, good person she has become!)

The doll house was designed and built by me. The room is 23 inches deep and 32 inches wide. There is a bedroom on the second floor with a lovely gambrel ceiling of pink floral wallpaper and roof of 'gold leaf' tiles. Sadly, none of those furniture pieces are available for sale anymore, but that is also the wonderful thing about a collection of items found over many years.

I still carry more doll furniture and accessory items than any other site, and you, too, will be able to create lovely rooms. I am always on the lookout for fabulous pieces for you.