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Historical Clothing and Accessories for American Girl Dolls

American Girl dolls were originally created with the purpose of teaching girls about American history while connecting the dolls to particular characters. Samantha, Kirsten and Molly were the first three 9-year-old girl dolls that started this revolutionary movement. Today, Lovvbugg brings you a plethora of American Girl historical outfits and accessories to tie modern dolls to the roots of our past. Bringing back historically significant eras like pioneer and colonial times, clothing accessories such as old-fashioned coffee shop dresses, party dresses, Native American costumes, bonnets and lace fans, among others, take girls deeper into stories of past years that defined the times. Lovvbugg’s affordable American Girl historical character clothes, coupled with elaborately designed additional items, recreate an intimately accurate setting for girls to continue learning about American history as they play with their dolls.

Items are not official Mattel/American Girl brand unless otherwise stated. We carry much more at Lovvbugg!